Group training

Create energy in your company, instition, team or family.

Does your team need new input, do you want support with a newly started group or team? Do you want strong team members who can take their place in your organisation? Soulvation takes people away from their desks and puts them literally into motion in an active and inspiring manner.

Soulvation delivers group trainings from the rock and water principle. An alternative training mainly composed of movement and practice. Suit and tie are left behind and the jogging pants are put on.

The training is given by an experienced and inspired Souolvation coach. Training sessions are preferrably held on your own location and are tailored to your needs. Because of the experience of Soulvation it is possible to tailor the training to every audience and to the wishes of the client.

Please feel free to contact us with to make your ideas and wishes known.

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